e2oldminer (e2oldminer) wrote in everything2,

Penny Arcade Expo + Noders 2009

So I tried this last year without a lot of warning, and things didn't pan out so much, what with actually connecting with noders. Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is happening again this year in Seattle on Labor Day Weekend 2009 (Friday Sept. 4 through Sunday Sept. 6).

I and a set of meatspace friends of mine are doing our second annual traditional PAX meetup. What with PAX badge, hotel, and airfare already booked, I'm pretty excited for something still over a month away. Sadly, my friends don't really embrace the concerts (And they'd never seen Jonathan Coulton in concert! How did they miss that!?) nor the extreme late night Rock Band, so some of my favorite parts of PAX last year I have no one to relive with! It would be most excellent to rectify this minor PAX deficiency, if anyone else is excited at all about the concerts, late night instruments, etc.

They also thought I was a little *too* weird what with striking up random conversations while in the food court in the mall, accidentally meeting one of the Loading Ready Run Guys (OMG! DESERT BUS FOR HOPE! OMG!).

But I ramble. I know at least one noder who is going to PAX this year, aside from myself. Any other noders attending? Any interest in impromptu meeting for a brief rock-paper-scissors tournament?
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