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Word Galaxy

I saw Word Galaxy and had to smile. I remember the days when I would rush to finish a node before the nightly Word Galaxy hit. Sometimes I would be in a race with another noder, (usually deep thought) to see who could BEAT GALAXY! And then I would play with the words to see what puzzle array it would generate. Fun times. *sits back on rocker, squeaking back and forth on the front porch, and pours some more more lemonade*
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For those of you who haven't been watching lately, we've finally re-done the levelling system, retiring both the Honor Roll and the later Writeup Bonus thing in the process. The new system is far simpler, and consistently rewards people for writing stuff, while making sure that the rewards for writing good stuff - or at least, well-received stuff - are far greater. That solves both of the major problems with the Honor Roll system - the incentive to delete stuff which may not be bad in any way but aren't wildly popular (and the equivalent disincentive to write stuff which you fear may not be well received), and the baffling complexity of it.

More controversially, we've stopped using XP as a currency - using it as one while it was still trying to act as a metric in other ways muddied the water greatly. We didn't want to kill stuff like the Gift Shop off altogether though, so we've implemented a new 'GP' variable to handle like that. The allocation of GP and its pricing are still being worked on; for now, you can get it for quests, blessings, filling bounties from Everything's Most Wanted, getting egged...

Even more controversially, the initial plan didn't provide any reward for casting votes. After all, votes are supposed to express your opinion on things, so if people cast them for any other reason, that's basically a bad thing. Still, a lot of people felt that some incentive for voting was a good idea, so casting a vote now stands a 1 in 3 chance of earning you 1GP. There are no bonuses for using up all your votes in a day, or anything like that - that was always pretty daft, frankly.

Also, downvotes no longer cause XP loss, because many new users found that extremely off-putting. I'll soon implement a voting notification to tell people when they've been upvoted or downvoted, though, and turn on the Notifications nodelet by default. I've always wanted something like that anyway.

So, yes, the new system isn't perfect, and it's open to tweaking, but I do think it's an enormous improvement over what we had. Feedback of all sorts is welcome.
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With all the other changes, does anyone think it would be at all a good idea (leaving aside technical issues) if e2 had response or comment threads to writeups?

I am actually thinking it would be a useful feature, if only because it might show how much community input goes into a writeup. Everyone could see how I can't spell or construct a sentence until I am suggested to do otherwise!

Drippings from the true festering democracy in action...

Er, zombies.

It made me think: maybe some noders live in Seattle?

I and about seventy thousand of my buds are going to PAX in Seattle on Friday where I will do my darnedest to see Jonathan Coulton perform in concert again, with the audience groaning and slavering as appropriate.

Any noders present at the convention or just conveniently nearby, I'd love to meet up with, buy a drink for, play a random DS game with, and collaborate with capping phrases with prepositions upon. Maybe we can have an impromtu nodermeet.

I'll be staying in the Grand Hyatt right by the convention center and probably nearly living in said center from Friday evening through Sunday night, so meetings would desirably be in walking distance of there.

Comments here from interested parties would be appreciated Worst case scenario: No comments, and now more people know about PAX and JoCo.

Whoops, I had left on comment screening. Turned that off.


unholy and dirty words are gathered to me

apatrix says:

E2 needs your input.

The administration would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to give some thought to three topics that have been posted in the forum under the "Posting about noding" heading. These are subjects that are of substance and significance in the present and, even more importantly, relate to the future of E2. We're looking for answers and opinions on the topics of

-Why we are not noding
-What your vision is for the site's future
-What the role and influence of the staff is

This is part of a drive for substantial change in the way we communicate and operate. We're counting on the straight-talking, opinionated crowd showing up to talk turkey. The staff is likewise encouraged to engage in and contribute to frank discussions. Above all, the intent is to end up with some input that will let those of us who are in charge of code and operations quit talking, roll up our sleeves with more direction and focus, and in the end make the best use of the limited resources at our disposal. The forum is better suited to lengthy posts with the opportunity for discourse than usergroups, messages, or writeups are. It requires a separate account for those who don't have one. Please let me know if you have any issues with it. Thanks.

http://forum.everything2.com/ (Didn't even know it existed, did you?)

So if you're thinking, wow, I haven't been there in forever, go take a minute and tell them WHY.

Since June of 2006:

I posted almost two years ago, asking for new members of this community to say hello.
So who has joined in the past two years that wants to say hi?
Or do people not use livejournal anymore, just like people don't use e2 anymore, and we don't have any new members?
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How is this a wiki? and how does one contribute to it?


"GeoPedia is a wiki-style companion to our magazine feature stories. Each GeoPedia entry provides in-depth background material on a given topic, while maintaining National Geographic's vaunted standard of accuracy. It's a research tool with valuable links to the best resources. Ask our experts a question, share a link, or contribute your story ideas."

Aha, own question answered here:

"a home for the facts"